Rocky A. Stone - Web Developer in Raleigh, NC

Rocky is a full-stack web developer located near Raleigh, North Carolina.

Raleigh Web Development Services

React Development

Using Facebook's rendering library React, Rocky can develop Javascript code that is platform agnostic. This empowers the end-user by removing the need for javascript to be enabled on browsers. This method also offers the speed and usability of a single page application when Javascript execution is available, while also alleviating all of the SEO concerns of a single page application.

Node.js Development

Need real-time data and asynchronous calls? Netflix, Wal-Mart, LinkedIn, and PayPal have had massive success using NodeJS as the foundation of their stacks. Rocky can build and maintain your cutting edge web application in the language of the web using tools like Express backed by major corporations like IBM. Creating highly available APIs is a breeze with NodeJS.

Laravel Development

Building upon Taylor Otwell’s famous PHP framework Laravel, Rocky can build and maintain robust, scalable, and secure MVC applications. Utilizing Packagist’s most popular packages your project will be built with tried and true tools in used throughout the industry.